What We Offer

Signing Contract

Professional Representation 

Rule 1 “never settle”, we make sure that our players are put in the best possible situations and conditions to help excel their game. 

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Player Development

Here at Rule 1 we feel that our athletes development is the most important piece to the puzzle. We provide our athletes with customizable weight training and nutrition programs. 

Business Meeting

Draft Preparation

We make sure that all draft eligible players get the special attention that is needed to prepare the athlete for the highest possible outcome during their draft year.

Custom Highlight Reels

Rule 1 Sports ensures that everyone of our athletes has a customized highlight reel to help improve the recruiting process.

Player Profiles

When you join Rule 1 Sports you automatically receive a customized player profile which will help to show Coaches, Scout and General Mangers exactly the type of player you are.

Video Analysis 

We take the time to break down film with our athletes to ensure that all of our guys are continuously developing on a week to week basis. 

Hockey Assessments

We focus on physical and mental play through our personalized hockey assessments analyzed thoroughly with each player. This program is to identify your strengths, improve your weaknesses, create a top hockey mindset, win the one on one battles, and make the right choices.


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